Last week, the ever-adorable Prince George started school, and we still can't quite deal with how cute he looked. 


The future King is now a student Thomas's school in Battersea, London, where he'll be making new pals, and learning loads. 


However, there will be no one BFF for the little royal, as the prep school has very specific rules regarding friendships. 


Speaking on Loose Women last week, panellist Jane Moore, who lives near the school, and knows kids who attend, said that Thomas's discourages children to have a singular best friend.


"There are signs everywhere saying 'be kind'—that's the ethos of the school," Moore told her fellow presenters, adding: "They don't encourage you to have best friends."


Makes sense. 


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There are also strict rules when it comes to birthday parties, in order to avoid the exclusion of any children. 


"There's a policy that if your child is having a party—unless every child is invited—you don't give out the invites in class, I think it is quite a good thing as you don't feel excluded," Jane said, and we agree. 


Last week it was also revealed that little George would be using the surname 'Cambridge" in his schooling career, rather than His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge (a mouthful, to be honest!)


So for now, he is just George Cambridge!