High stress levels can cause you to lose your sex drive and not think straight, so it is important you lean to deal with it.


While learning to manage it long term is important, these quick stress-relief tips should help you in the short term .



Sit up straight, close your eyes and put one hand on your stomach. Deeply breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Do this a few times to help slow your heart rate and reduce your blood pressure.



Laughing is definitely the best medicine so think of something funny or get someone to tell you a joke.


Stomp your feet

Release any pent up energy brought about on by stress by stomping your feet on the ground.


Tense your body and release

Clench your hands into fists and hold tightly for a few seconds and release slowly. Do the same with your thighs and feet. You should feel a lot better.


Squeeze a rubber ball

Release any tension by investing in a stress ball. Simply squeeze it with your hands tightly before releasing. 


Go for a walk

Go for a 15 minute walk outside – not a fast-paced walk more of a meditative stroll and take in the surroundings.