I'm not sure if it is the wheezy laughter when they all fall over, or the repetitive oinks that make me wince so much, but somewhere along the way I've had it with this pink pig. 


And I'm not alone. Recently, on the online forum, Reddit, other parents agreed. One poster created a thread saying 'Are other parents sick to death of Peppa Pig? “I need to share my pain, I want to dig up the road and toss them all in the hole and cement it over.”


Another parent admitted they have been tortured by the show for 'five years now' and described the main character as “spoilt” and “bratty.” So why such hatred of a cute little girl-pig? 


Some are afraid that Peppa Pig may encourage bad behaviour among children. They believe Peppa is a little too sassy when it comes to the authority figures and fear that their impressionable little ones may try to emulate her behaviour. In fact, the cartoon has even been banned in China for 'promoting gangster attitudes'. It also came under fire for not including seatbelts for some characters on a car ride and there are memes dedicated to Peppa's often anti-establishment views. 


Others appreciate it for what it is - a way of entertaining the kids for half an hour (back to back repeats) as they get on with chores or simply to get a respite from the 1000 questions your children inevitably ask every hour.


Parents hit back on the Reddit thread saying, "If you are tired of Peppa Pig, you are tired of life. Also, Peppa Pig is the only time my little'un is quiet, so I thank Peppa for that.”


As for me, after 7 years and counting, even my older children moan as the baby in our house asks for her beloved 'Peppa'. I'm not concerned that she will teach them bad manners (I would have better faith in my own parenting techniques at this stage than to lose against a tiny pig).


I'll admit, Daddy Pig's lines always raise a wry smile when I hear him giving out in the background. But what I am sick to death of is their giggly little voices, the incessant theme tunes and whiny demands. I'm over the life lessons about sharing and including. I'm over Mummy Pig never losing her cool and Ms Rabbit's multi-faceted career. Most of all I'm over encouraging my kids to jump in muddy puddles. At one stage I credited it for keeping me sane but now it is simply driving me insane.  


Rant over. Do you agree? 

I'm mum to three little ones aged 7, 5 and 3. My hobbies include overreacting, second-guessing myself and drinking gallons of coffee. I enjoy travelling and showing my family as much of the world as I can between school runs and holding down my job as a freelance writer.

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