We all love our mammies, and what better way to honour them than with a public declaration of devotion?


With Mother's Day fast approaching, The Ray D’Arcy Show are hoping to give sons and daughters across the nation a chance to pay tribute to their mothers live on RTÉ One next Saturday night, March 25 (that's Mother's Day eve, for those who forgot). 


To enter, get in touch with The Ray D’Arcy Show TV team telling them just why your Mum deserves a big Mother's Day thank you. 



"If you would like to say thank you on the national air waves to your mum, get us a video in, and we'll be playing them out. So if you have an auld camera phone, and who doesn't now, say a lovely message into it about your mum," said Ray. 


Maybe your mammy helped you through a particularly tough time, or perhaps she had a challenging year and you just want to let her know why she is so special to you.



Whatever the reason, Ray wants to hear from you, and if successful, you and your mum might be live in studio on next weekend's show, or your special Mother's Day video message could feature on the show that night. 


To enter, send your video message to thanksmam@rte.ie, and don’t forget to include a daytime contact number.