The life of a mum is a hectic one, constantly on the go, and sometimes we just don't get to our destination on time!


It happens to the best of us, and we all know the various episodes that can result in lateness.



1. Nappy time

Your baby is ready to roll... the nappy is secure and clothes are on and you are making your way to the car! The little one is strapped in the car seat and BOOM... it's time to change that nappy! 


music black and white adele whatever shit happens


2. Time to grow up

Toddlers love acting like grown ups, and doing everything themselves. This can involve outfit selection, making their lunch and even house work. 


3. Curiosity

Small kiddies are very curious about their surroundings, and cannot walk more than a couple of steps without exploring every bug, flower, and tiny spec on the floor. 


4. Nap time

An unexpected or very lengthy nap times can result in serious delays. There is also the issue of teenagers that sleep the afternoon!


baby tired sleeping sleepy


5. OUCH!

A fall, resulting in a grazed knee, involving a sit down, Barbie plasters and LOTS of TLC.


6. Time for a tantrum

All is going to plan, and you are perfectly on schedule, when all of a sudden your little one throws the biggest TANTRUM ever. 


reactions shrug meh shrugging


7. We simply forgot... (sorry not sorry)