Reduce your alcohol intake with these mid-strength spirits this January.

January isn’t always about doing a 180, swearing off every indulgence and denying every little pleasure. Sometimes it simply provides a unique opportunity to make some small changes and do things a little differently. Cue Stillgarden, the independent and experimental Dublin 8 distillery, who have just launched the second iteration of Cultiv8 a campaign designed to collectively start doing what’s doable for the greater good of ourselves, our communities and ultimately our planet.

Beginning on January 1st, Cultiv8 will see Stillgarden Distillery offer their pioneering mid strength spirits; Give & Take, O Maro and Berrissimo for 20% off their RRP for the entire month of January as well as offer sign ups to their social botanist programme and community initiatives.

Each week in January, Stillgarden Distillery will be sharing stories from their community via their social pages demonstrating how to create a more sustainable lifestyle through tutorials, recipes, home gardening, healthier products and sustainability tips.

Community gardener, Connor will also be leading a community clean up and gardening session across three weekends to encourage people to get out into nature and experience the fresh air while also giving back to the community. Connor will also start prep for a pocket forest in the estate and community are welcome to help which seeks to plant trees native to the Dublin 8 area. The wildlife walk is taking place on January 8th with the community clean up scheduled for the following weekend on January 15th and finally the pocket forest prep will commence on January 22nd.

For those who wish to engage in a damp January and enjoy some delicious spirits with lower alcohol instead of giving up alcohol completely, Stillgarden has 3 excellent spirits at 22% ABV or less that will help you achieve just that.

Stillgarden Give & Take, €33 for 70cl, is a half-strength Gin-like spirit that utilises the science of vacuum distillation to distil the botanicals at a lower temperature capturing their purest flavours. Combining science, community and nature, Stillgarden is a distillery unlike any other and this botanical spirit is testimony to that.

An Irish first and already a firm favourite amongst their customers, Stillgarden O’Maro, €33 for 70cl, is a round and rich Irish Amaro with a sweet complex finish that has been macerated with a unique blend of botanicals, some of which you can find in the local Dublin 8 area such as Rosehip, Strawberry Leaf, Lemon Verbena and Raspberries.

Stillgarden Berrissimo, €25 for 70cl, has the lowest ABV of the three at 15%. It’s an Irish spritz aperitif that has been macerated with a vibrant mix of locally sourced and foraged Irish Blackberries, Gentian, Orris, Hibiscus, Rhubarb Root, Bitter Orange, Coriander Seed & Wormwood.

These spirits are available on the Stillgarden website for 20% off from January 1st 2022. You can explore and shop the full range of Stillgarden via their online shop.