RTE’s Lottie Ryan’s shares her top tips for new mums to mind themselves this Winter

Broadcaster Lottie Ryan is encouraging new mums to take time to look after themselves as well as their baby this winter as part of a new campaign. The Alflorex Immune Mind Yourself campaign highlights how new mums are generally guilty of spending so much time looking after their babies that they forget about their own health and wellbeing.

Campaign Ambassador Lottie said: "I'm delighted to be supporting the Mind Yourself campaign because as a new mum, it can be easy to sometimes be guilty of spending most of my time looking after Wolf and forgetting about myself. It's important to remind mums out there to think about their own health and wellbeing, as well as their babies. With Christmas just around the corner let’s all try to be in the best health we possibly can be!"

Lottie’s Top Tips for new mums on minding themselves this winter:

  1. Learn how to say no without feeling guilty. Your time is precious and if you need to rest then you should.
  2. Try to eat a balanced diet in the lead up to the festive season. Food is fuel and it can really help you with your energy, sleep and your immune system. They say the gut is your second brain.
  3. Take a really good supplement such as Alflorex Immune for that extra bit of protection. It has extra strength vitamin D to support your immune system and is available in loads of pharmacies throughout Ireland.
  4. Try and get out for fresh air as much as you possibly can. It can be hard when you’re tired but even a short walk can do wonders for endorphins!
  5. Embrace being a new mum and try not to focus on or worry about what other parents are doing. It’s not a competition! These precious moments will pass us by so quickly so do what feels right for you and your family so you can enjoy it all!

About Alflorex Immune

Alflorex Immune is available in many pharmacies throughout Ireland. Alflorex Immune, which was developed in Ireland, is the only food supplement to contain the unique PrecisionBiotics PB-VIR culture. This unique culture has been specially formulated with extra strength vitamin D to support the normal function of the immune system.

The PB-VIR culture in Alflorex Immune is a naturally occurring and safe bacterial strain, belonging to the same family of bacteria that is passed from mother to baby at birth. It was discovered by PrecisionBiotics and has been the focus of research since 2010.