We all have both good and bad days during the week, but if you are ALWAYS having an off one then you need to do something to sort it out. 


While you may still have a few moments - nothing's perfect, here are four ways to say goodbye to bad days forever: 


1. Focus on the positive

If you are constantly thinking negative thoughts or coming up with the worst case scenario then you’ll end up suffering from bad-day-tinitis. Think happy thoughts! 



2. Don’t try to do everything at once

While you may believe multitasking is saving you time, it is actually slowing you down and making you more prone to error. Do one thing at a time.



3. Stop constantly checking your emails

Just like multitasking, if you are constantly checking your emails while doing other tasks then it’s going to stress you out. Check two or three times a day and answer them there and then taking notes of what needs to be done on a notepad - you can tick them off this way! 



4. Check your attitude

If you are constantly moaning and giving out about your job you’ll only end up feeling down and angry about the whole thing. Either find SOMETHING positive – the people, the coffee machine – or quit.