As part of their campaign to remind kids that they are not on their own, the ISPCC have launched a new video that captures and reflects a young person's mood effortlessly.



The simple yet effective video is set inside a teenager’s bedroom, where childhood teddies and teenage posters adorn the walls and the bed. A true representative of a young person’s room, the video will hit home to many families.


Sadly, Childline answers over 1,200 contacts - calls and online - from children every single day.


Last year, the charity answered 421,672 calls to the phone service and received 18,304 contacts to its online service; from everyday troubles to issues of bullying and abuse, they are there to help those in need. 



“We are delighted to launch this creative and engaging advertisement for our Childline text service. The children and young people who contact the ISPCC do so for a whole range of reasons, some life-changing, some more every-day, but all of those reasons are hugely important to them," Grainia Long, ISPCC CEO, said today.


"When you feel down, your whole world can too. But we are here, always, to listen, and to help young people find the resilience that they need to cope with the challenges they face in life.”



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