September is Skincare Awareness Month & its a timely reminder to revisit your skincare routine

September heralds Skincare Awareness Month, offering an excellent opportunity to concentrate on rejuvenating your skin post-summer and readying it for the cooler autumn days that lie ahead. The transition between seasons can pose challenges for your skin, but with the right products and care, you can maintain a radiant complexion.

Following sun-drenched days on the beach or by the pool, your skin may feel parched, dehydrated, or even harmed. Exposure to UV rays, saltwater, and chlorine can take a toll, leaving your skin in need of some tender loving care.

Skincare Awareness Month acts as a timely reminder to revitalise your skincare regimen. By addressing post-summer concerns and gearing up for the approaching autumn, you can keep your skin healthy and radiant throughout the changing seasons.

As autumn draws near, consider incorporating products that provide deeper hydration and protection. We’ve rounded up the best of the best, to nourish and shield your skin.

Clarins Cryo-Flash Cream-Mask RRP €64

Recently launched, this high-performance face mask inspired by Cryotherapy and Clarins’ expertise reproduces the benefits of cold on the skin to prevent and fight the signs of ageing. Its formula combines powerful active ingredients - M.G.A. molecule derived from menthol and organic evening primrose extract - for skin that feels lifted, firmed and glowing with youth. Its smooth and ultra-fresh blue-green cream texture glides over the skin like ice and provides an intense and immediate cryo effect. Visibly effective from the first application.  Available from, all good pharmacies and department stores nationwide.

Skin Formulas - Hydra Hyaluronic Acid Serum – HA Formula – 50ml €53.00

A lightweight, silky, instantly absorbed serum containing multi-weight Hyaluronic Acid, your body’s natural hydrating factor. A three-tiered approach not only visibly increases your skin’s hydration levels, but also stimulates your skin’s natural production of hyaluronic acid and collagen for long-term results.

Storyderm Osmo Snail Cream RRP €79

This nourishing and moisturising formula penetrates deeply into the skin with Osmocell Technology. The mucin ingredient rich in snail mucus quickly calms damaged skin, is wound healing, and develops a self-renewal ability restoring the self-sustaining power of the skin. Snail Mucus is naturally rich in Glycolic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Copper Peptides and Growth Factors. The perfect combination of fermentation and science.

Concentrated snail mucin has many beneficial properties – it stimulates skin repair and healing, has anti-ageing properties and promotes suppleness, moisturisation and radiance. Storyderm Osmo Snail Cream - combined with peptides, collagen and ginseng extract - stimulates cells, triggers the natural rejuvenation process and restores biological processes characteristic of young skin.

You can find your local salon or shop online at

Holos Super Natural Activity AHA Deep Cleansing Cream/Masque RRP €42

A 5% blend of glycolic, lactic and other Alpha Hydroxy Acids for daily exfoliation and cell renewal. Infused with orange, lavender and frankincense and it has a pH of 3.8.

It contains essential fatty acids, antioxidants and is brilliant for deep, mid and superficial layer exfoliation and cell renewal.  It aids elasticity and absorption along with helping to prevent hyperpigmentation and fine lines.  Use once per day as a daily exfoliator cleansing cream /lotion to aid gentle cell renewal or use as a weekly exfoliator mask for deep absorption to aid cell renewal and cleanse pores. Suitable for all skin types.  Available to buy here.

Image Skincare, BIOME+ smoothing cloud crème RRP €69.50

This moisturizer combines microbiome-friendly squalane and hyaluronic acid to hydrate and improve skin texture. It replenishes and nourishes the skin, thanks to squalane from renewable sugarcane, while hyaluronic acid adds plumpness. Flax and celery super-seed extracts smooth texture and minimize pores, and sunflower microgreens boost radiance. Its plush texture absorbs quickly, leaving skin glowing. This crème has a light, fresh scent from grapefruit extract and is suitable for all skin types. It's a clinically proven moisture booster, offering cloud-like hydration for healthier, supple skin. Buy here

Avène Hyaluron Activ B3 Multi-Intensive Night Cream RRP €45

Avene dermatological laboratories have created Hyaluron Activ B3 night cream, a deeply soothing cream enriched with Haritaki Extract. It also contains the active ingredient Retinal, which is 10 times more active than retinol – to stimulate cell renewal.  The addition of pure hyaluronic acid and niacinamide act on the cause of and signs of skin ageing. A real protective night care, its delicately scented texture brings comfort to the skin, without leaving an oily finish.

Hyaluron Activ B3 Multi-Intensive Night Cream is an eco-conscious skincare product containing 97% natural origin ingredients.  Available at Boots, online retailers and pharmacies nationwide.

HAUMEA Skincare - Smart Sonic Facial Brush €99

Step up your cleansing routine with the Smart Sonic Facial Brush. This soft, super-hygienic silicone brush transmits 8,000 T-sonic™ vibrations per minute getting deep under the skin’s surface to gently clean out pores and reveal a smoother, more radiant complexion. Customise your routine with 12 adjustable vibration settings.

NEOSTRATA Dermal Replenishment RRP €64.95

Replenish your skin while you sleep! This deeply hydrating and nourishing night cream is silky, oil-free and provides the perfect balance of ingredients to visibly firm, hydrate and smooth the look of fine lines. This moisture boosting cream contains the building blocks of skin’s natural moisture barrier for enhanced hydration. Aminofil works together with Maltobionic Acid and NeoGlucosamine technology to help even skin tone while providing a firmer appearance and reducing the look of wrinkles. Wake up to firmer, more even-looking skin.  Available from and salons nationwide

ASAP Skincare Super B Complex RRP €75.00

A fast acting, multi-functional serum that increases skin hydration, calms and visibly reduces redness.  This product boasts a potent Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) concentration, promoting collagen production and addressing pigmentation. Crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid offers five times the moisturising power and fifty times the moisture retention capability of regular Hyaluronic Acid, deeply hydrating the skin. Red Clover Flower Extract refines pores, while Vitamins B5 and B9 enhance skin tone and reduce fine lines. Liquorice Extract calms and brightens the complexion, and it effectively regulates sebum production, even in acne-prone skin. Additionally, it provides protection against daily pollution, safeguarding the skin from harm.  Available from

Ultraceuticals The Ultra Moisturiser Cream RRP €59.50

The Ultra Moisturiser Cream is deeply hydrating and features powerful moisturising ingredients including Provitamin B5 and Shea Butter that work by increasing the humectant properties of the skin.
Provitamin B5 also works as a soothing and conditioning ingredient for dry skin.  The Cream also has antioxidant benefits through the addition of Vitamin E. If you haven’t tried the Ultraceuticals brand yet or The Ultra Moisturiser Cream, this is a lovely product to start with especially if your skin is parched after summer heat and sun. Available from Ultraceutical stockists nationwide.

Juliette Armand Ceramide Serum RRP €39.00

A restoring and regenerating serum.It moisturises and protects the skin barrier. Simultaneously, it improves skin imperfections and wrinkles and it enhances the skin’s texture. A serum containing ceramides resulting from bacterial fermentation. Ceramides contribute to the regulation and layout of the stratum corneum’s lipid layers, which is the key to the formation of the skin barrier, protecting it from exogenous factors. They moisturise and rejuvenate the skin and improve its elasticity.  You can find your local salon or shop online at

Skin Theory - Antioxidant Matte Day Cream SPF30 €49.95

SPF is not only for the summer months, its essential for the winter too. The Skin Theory Antioxidant Matte Day Cream SPF30 is an antioxidant-rich, matte day cream that provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection while controlling oil and shine throughout the day.

Skinmade Problem Solver Serum-Pigmentation RRP €70

This problem solving serum [pigment spots] fades pigment spots with regular use and prevents their reappearance. Specially developed by one of the biggest names in skincare Eavanna Breen, the formulation contains, among other things, niacinamide, resorcinol and acetyl glycosamines. They counteract excessive melanin synthesis – caused by hyperactive melanocytes. Acetyl glycosamines and resorcinol in turn regulate the synthesis of new melanin. Selected peptides prevent the transport of melanin to the visible surface of the skin and thus ensure an even complexion. A highly specific hyaluronic acid modified by linoleic acid accelerates the breakdown of melanin and visibly reduces age spots. Available to buy from or from her salon at 50 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2, D02 XK26.

Beauty Flash Fresh Ampoule Vitamin C RRP €42

The new Beauty Flash Fresh Ampoule Vitamin C is a 7-day facial radiance treatment, highly concentrated in vitamin C to help revive the skin's radiance and even out the complexion.  This treatment in ampoule form combines a 15% concentrated vitamin C complex and a serum enriched with superfruits acerola extract and rose-myrtle. The two formulas only mix on application thanks to the Clarins fresh-mix bottle. Day after day, the complexion becomes more even and luminous. Its creamy yet lightweight formula offers ultimate comfort.  Trial test results are extremely impressive which means this is a must-try to enhance your skin.  Available at Clarins Boutique & Spa on Wicklow Street, Dublin, Clarins stockists nationwide and on

Q+A Ceramide Barrier Defence Face Cream RRP €14.80

Ceramides deserve all the hype they receive with their moisturising, brightening, and protective powers! This Ceramide Barrier Defence Face Cream contains naturally occurring Ceramides sustainably extracted from Pineapples. Directions Apply a thin layer evenly to clean skin. Use day and night for best results.  Available from pharmacies nationwide including Lloyds, McCabes, McCauleys, Chemist Warehouse.

Thérapie Clinic - HydraFacial Signature €99

A 4 step facial that deeply cleanses, exfoliates extracts, and hydrates the skin using HydraFacial's super serums filled with antioxidants, peptides and Hyaluronic Acids.

Revive Active - Beauty Complex €59.95

We are firm believers, that beauty is a radiance that originates from within and what better way to take care of your skin, than to take specifically created supplements that target the needs of the skin, hair and nails? Made using a combination of ingredients chosen to support skin, hair and nails, Beauty Complex is a simple addition to any daily routine. Simply taken once a day by adding a sachet into a glass of water, its light orange and pineapple flavour gives it a unique and refreshing taste! Developed as a powdered sachet for effective nutrient delivery and absorption, it’s enriched with marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, phytoceramides and biotin.  Available from all good pharmacies nationwide. 

Dermalogica Stabilizing Repair Cream RRP €75

If you have experienced skin sensitivity and/or redness post Summer, the new Dermalogica Stabilizing Repair Cream will be of huge benefit to you. Ultra-soothing actives calm on contact – helping to break the pattern of sensitive skin as they immediately comfort and help skin become more resilient over time.

Balmy-cream formula melts into skin to quickly alleviate redness and help prevent future irritation. Formulated using a blend with Resurrection Plant, Tasmania Lanceolota extract, and Boerhavia Diffusa Root, it quickly reduces redness and discomfort. A proprietary Ceramide-Building Complex provides nourishing lipids, strengthening skin’s barrier to lock in moisture and help keep signs of sensitivity at bay. Available to buy here or from all Dermalogica stockists nationwide.

Hush & Hush Skin Capsule HYDRATE+ RRP €65

In the quest for healthy ageing, combining internal and external care is crucial. The creators of Image Skincare founded Hush & Hush when they couldn't find supplements free from additives and synthetic fillers. Their expertise in ageing, skincare, beauty and wellness led to Hush & Hush, a range of premium nutraceuticals and healthy living products. These products, enriched with essential nutrients and Clean Clinical Vitamins™, fill the gap in our pursuit of looking and feeling our best.

Hush & Hush Skin Capsule HYDRATE+ are perfect for hydrating skin that glows from within.  Taking the capsule each day will intensely hydrate the skin from within for a dewy, plump complexion.  They also help retains moisture for fresh, youthful-looking skin and help smooth rough complexions by moisturising from the inside out.  There are two other capsule products in the range CLEAR+ and BRIGHTEN+.  Available to buy here.

Environ Pre-Cleansing Oil


This pre-cleansing oil is a mild and effective cleaner, removing excess surface oils, impurities and cosmetics. The oil rinses off effortlessly, leaving behind no residue - just clean, hydrated skin.

It removes excess oil and cosmetics, cleaning gently and effectively and improves skin hydration and appearance, preventing the stripping of essential natural oils. This is a star product for post-summer suncreams as it acts as a solvent to remove excess sebum, reducing clogging and congestion. Available from all good beauty salons nationwide.