Whether it’s a job interview, meeting new people or a big presentation, sometimes our nerves can get the best of us.


From sweating hands to stumbling words, it can be a stressful and frustrating thing to deal with, particularly when you only have a few minutes to settle your nerves.


To help you handle any anxiety, take note of the following six tips:


1. Have a bar of chocolate

Dark chocolate can help to regulate the stress hormone Cortisol.


2. Have a spoonful of honey

Honey contains compounds which can help reduce inflammation in the brain.


3. Breathe

Breathe slowly, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Repeat until you can feel your anxiety subside.


4. Squeeze something

Tense up your hands by squeezing a squishy ball or a pillow in your hands. Slowly release until you feel a lot better.


5. Count back from ten

Slowly count back from ten to one, and then back again – you will instantly feel calmer.


6. Close your eyes

Simply find a seat and close your eyes – this can help you regain your focus and instantly help you feel calmer.