Simple party bag for kids parties

Party favours have increased in popularity over recent years, adding yet another stressful element to the birthday party mum needs to organise.
However, kids do love these little take-home treats from their friend's party and this simple party bag is a great way for your own little one to get involved in their birthday celebrations. They also double up as party decorations for your main food table.
What you need
  • Present tags
  • Paper bags with handles
  • Ribbon
  • Helium balloons
What to do
  1. Write out the present tags, adding a Thank You and the name of your friends to each one.
  2. Tie one present tag to the handle of each paper bag.
  3. Fill your party bags with a few small treats, like mini chocolate bars, sweets or colouring pencils.
  4. Tie strands of ribbon to the helium balloons.
  5. Use the balloon's ribbon to secure the handles of the party bags together.
  6. Lay out them on your main party table to make the room more festive and hand them out at the end of the celebrations.
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