Nowadays, it can be hard to not think negative thoughts, particularly when we are ambushed with images of the so-called perfect lifestyle from the media.


However, rather than allow ourselves to get into a vicious circle of thinking negative or unhappy thoughts, make an effort to trigger your brain to be happy and think positively.


Here are eight ways you can trigger your brain to be a little more positive:


1. Tell someone something nice about themselves.


2. Tell yourself every morning that you are going to have a good day.



3. Do what feels right for you, not what's right for everyone else.


4. Think happy thoughts – it’s as easy as that.



5. Tell yourself that it is going to be ok... because it will.


6. Go for a walk outside to clear your head.



7. Accept a compliment graciously – there is no hidden agenda and you deserve it.


8. At the end of the day think back to three things that made it a pretty special one.