Since your baby can’t talk, it can be hard to figure out what they’re thinking. One thing is for sure though – they are very fond of their mum, and here’s why:
They recognise their mum’s voice and smell
Mid-wives have noticed how a newborn baby can be soothed as soon as they hears their mum’s voice – this is because they’ve been listening to you for weeks before being born. They know your smell too and you might notice them turning away from someone else because their sound and scent is unfamiliar.
You make their hunger pangs stop
When a baby cries for food they don’t actually know why their belly is feeling that way, but then you come along and make it all better. Magic.
Your baby knows your face
Your baby’s vision field is 10 to 12 inches – the perfect distance to gaze up at you during feeds. It’s good to make eye contact as they’re often looking for some entertainment as they fill their tummies.
When she cries, you’re there
It’s ok to comfort your baby every time he or she cries because they don’t have the cognitive ability to be spoiled. They can’t remember that the last time they cried you came running – but once you hit the toddler stage things change!
They recognise the rhythm of your movements
When you pick up your baby and walk around, they recognise your movements from when they were in your tummy. Being carried around again is a real treat.
You love her
All the cuddles and kisses let your baby know that you are mad about him or her, and they know it.