Not getting enough sleep not only impacts on how you cope and handle situations, it also puts you at risk of developing mental health problems.


While not everyone can get the recommended eight hours each night, it is important that you go to bed a little earlier at least two or three times a week. 


Here are six reason why you might want to get a little more shuteye: 


1. You'll experience a short temper

Lack of sleep can leave you feeling irritable and frustrated which can lead to a short temper. If this is a regular occurrence it can lead to depression or low self worth. 


2. Foggy brain

Stress is one of the most common but damaging aspects of daily life that can affect a person’s mental health. And not being able to remember things or becoming confused due to lack of sleep, can add to your stress levels.


3. You'll experience a lack of concentration

There is nothing worse than not being able to focus on a task at hand as it ultimately increases your stress levels.



4. Can lead to depression or anxiety

Considering a lack of sleep can leave you feeling moody and irritable, you won’t be surprised to learn that little sleep can actually lead to depression or anxiety.


5. You can feel lonely

The more tired you feel the less likely you are going to want to meet the girls for lunch or even go to the cinema with your other half. The more isolated you become the higher the risks of developing depression and anxiety.


6. You are less likely to exercise

Exercise improves your mood, stimulates your brain and helps maintain a healthy mind, but if you are tired you are not going to want to head out for a run.