Slightly scared of the weekend: Mum blogger gets honest about solo-parenting


Instagram is full of empowering women who appear to be sailing through motherhood, however, there are days when this content can make you feel pretty rubbish.


Our feeds are flooded with snaps from peaceful family days out, spotless homes and smiley children, which are lovely to see, but they can make you feel upset or guilty.


One mum blogger has refreshed our feeds with her incredibly honest post about solo parenting and we must stand up and applaud her for it.


Mum-of-two Louise Pentland opened up about the realities of being alone with the kids: “You know those parents who are ace at managing all day and don't ever feel like hiding in the loo for five minutes of brain space? Well I've come to accept that's not me.”



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Louise explained that she has been struggling with solo parenting. “It's not that I don't enjoy or love my children but that I just find it, dare I say, sometimes a bit boring.”


The mum explained that she misses adult interaction and explained that her friends are all busy and her boyfriend Liam is working.


However, despite feeling daunted by this weekend, Louise had some helpful advice for mums in a similar situation.



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Louise advised fellow mums to get out early: “I don't know why it works so well but it does! You seem to set yourself into a really good momentum and the positivity lasts all day.”


She added: “I know this comment isn’t my usual about sweetness and light but I figured there must be other mums out there who VERY quietly at the back of their mind feel slightly scared of the weekend.”



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It’s so easy to share the brightest and best bits of motherhood online, but Louise’s post is one of the best ones we’ve seen in quite some time.


Her honesty is a breath of fresh air, and something many mums will truly appreciate.