While the toddler years are undoubtedly hard work (just like every other age, to be honest), they can also be the best.


At this moment in time, your little one has yet to learn that you can be a source of embarrassment or truly felt the wrath of your anger when they push you that little bit too far.  


Nor have they found a friend in play school that even compares to you - their best friend - or do they plan on looking for one (for the time being anyway)


And it is around now when your realise that your two-year-old is the best friend you'll ever have (or need).


1. They literally worship the ground you walk on 

You've almost fallen over them countless amounts of time due to the fact they have taken a liking to simply sitting by your feet. 



2. Their day is not complete without a cuddle from you

In fact, they won't even be able to settle into sleep without you giving them at least 20 kisses and enough hugs to last them to morning.


3. They trust you completely 

Although not when it comes to dinner. No matter how many times you tell them that broccoli is nice, they just aren't falling for it. 


4. They have no problem showing pure unadulterated emotion in front of you

Whether it's in the middle of the car park when you are struggling to contain both them AND the trolley or at bath time - they are certainly not shy about showing their true feelings.  



5. They WILL tell you what they really think of that purple dress you're so in love with 

They are as open and honest as they day they were born - and will take no prisoners. 


6. They will want to go out exploring with you

Just once this exploring doesn't involve anything to do with a supermarket or clothes store. 


7. They will constantly tell you that you are their best friend 

Because for now you are. So lap it up, mums - it definitely won't last forever!