It can be very stressful for parents when their baby simply won’t settle and you’ve done everything you can think of.
It's never easy to hear your baby crying but try these tips to soothe and calm him. 
When your baby is crying incessantly it is important to first eliminate some reason he may be fussy.
The most obvious of these reasons are of course that he may be hungry or need his nappy changed. If both of these reasons have been eliminated you can start to look at some other suggestions such as:
  • Teething
  • Overtired
  • Gas
  • Wants attention
  • Pain
Once you are satisfied that baby is in no pain you can begin to use some useful methods to sooth baby.
For babies who are simply fussy or want some attention, here are some things you can do that will calm them:
Wrapping baby up tight and cosy and he will be calmed from the womb-like feeling. Swaddling will also keep your baby nice and warm which will be calming in itself.
Swinging, swaying and rocking can all have soothing effects on babies. Weather you simply rock baby yourself or place him in a swing, baby will love the motion and should soon calm.
Much like swinging and sway, vibration also plays a big part in calming baby. If you are really at your wits end, why not take baby for a drive. He will be soothed by the vibrations of the car.
White noise
White noise can remind baby of the noises from the womb and so can soothe and calm him. Use a white noise machine or simply an online video to play white noise for your baby. White noise can also block out other noises that may startle your baby.
Your baby may be fussy simply because he wants some attention. Play, sing and sway with your baby and he’ll soon be stimulated and happy again.