We all struggle with body image at some point in our lives, whether we’re 16 or 60.


Comparing yourself to influencers on Instagram or an actress on the red-carpet can damage your self-confidence, it’s an unhealthy habit, but it’s something we all do.


Even though we are aware that scrolling through Instagram is no good for us, we can’t help it. However, researchers have discovered some wonderful new information that will certainly make you have a digital detox.



In a study conducted at the Anglia Ruskin University, researchers discovered that spending time in the outdoors can boost your confidence levels.


The research which was published in the Body Image journal found that people who are exposed to natural environments have a better relationship with their appearance. They also found that those who spend time in nature also tend to ignore the pressures to look a certain way.


During the study, the researchers asked students to look at photographs of natural and built-up environments. Those who looked at the photos of the outdoors experienced a boost in their confidence.



In another study, the team asked a group of people to walk around Hamstead Heath and Primrose Hill. This experiment also had positive results, with participants showing “significantly higher body appreciation.”


Lead author of the study, Viren Swami says there are several reasons why exposure to nature can help people feel better about their appearance.


“Access to nature may mean that individuals spend more time outdoors engaging in activities that focus attention on the body’s functionality rather than aesthetics,” she explained.



She added, “It might be that it distances people, physically and mentally, from appearance-focused situations that are one of the causes of negative body image.”


It’s time to step away from Instagram, and spend more time in the great outdoors- less scrolling, more strolling.