Stacey Solomon confesses that she would prefer to be a ‘stay at home mum’

Stacey Solomon has revealed that she would prefer to become a ‘stay at home mum’ in the near future.

The Sort Your Life Out presenter is a mum-of-five, with her sons Zachary (16) and Leighton (12) from previous relationships. Stacey later went on to become a parent to Rex (5), Rose (2) and Belle (1) with her husband Joe Swash.

Now, as her two oldest children reach pivotal points in their lives, Stacey has confessed that she wishes she could be there more for her kids.

Speaking on the Glad We Had This Chat podcast with Caroline Hirons, the 34-year-old reflected on her current situation.

“I definitely feel like I'm at a pivotal moment in my life where Zach is about to leave school and become an adult,” she explained.

"I think I'm at a point in my life where I recognise that I've been really busy for his life, and his life is at a really important point, and my second son will get to that point before I know it. And then I've got these three babies. I don't want to miss what I potentially feel like I missed with my older children,” she continued.

"And I want to be there for my older children, who I think need me now more than ever. I've been battling with that in my head,” she added.

The former X Factor star then went on to share her five-year plan, noting: “I want to be a stay at home mum. That is like my dream, my ultimate dream. I just want to be with my kids.”

"I mean it is conflicting, because I also want to fulfil my dreams and my goals and the things that I'm passionate about, because if I don't have that, will I feel unfulfilled?” Stacey questioned.

“So what I'm trying to do at this point is make sure everything that I work on I can work on 90% of the time at home. And then just do passion projects outside of the house,” she concluded.