Stacey Solomon latest bikini photo refreshingly contains no photoshop, no filters and no-nonsense. 


The Loose Women presenter was in Ibiza, along with her co-panelists.


The snap uploaded to Instagram has received a lot of praise from fans and it is easy to see why.



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Stacey captioned the photograph:


"No filter needed... This pic takes me back to the incredible [@loosewomen #BodyStories]. Enjoy your summer and celebrate how wonderful you are inside and out... Every Body Is Beautiful."


Fans celebrated the photo for showing off "real bodies" and rocking her "mom bod."



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One user said: "I love how inspirational you are. I used to be incredibly body conscious and now I embrace my 'mummy of two saggy body.'"


Another added: "I love you for just how natural you are Stacey you're a fantastic role model for young girls and women." 


Body confidence is a topic the former X Factor finalist openly talks about. 


Last summer Stacey took part in Loose Women's Body Stories campaign.



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The presenter said she did it for her children's own body confidence. 


"I don’t want my kids to worry about how they look as much as I do," she explained.


"What I hope this photoshoot shows women and men is that in most celebrity pictures there has been some form of airbrushing or retouching – so they shouldn’t compare themselves to unrealistic ideals."


This isn't the first time Stacey has encouraged her fans to embrace their bodies. 



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Earlier this year, she uploaded a bikini snap with her son.


She wrote:  "All bodies rule! Happy Monday... if you need some realistic motivation."


The 28-year-old is mum to 10-year-old Zachery and six-year-old Leighton. 


We love her message!