One mum has shed a very honest light on those bad mum days.


You know the days when you spill a box of cereal onto the kitchen floor, when you get stuck in traffic on the school run and when the pile of dishes in the sink is nearly as tall as you.


Amy Weatherly shared a very important message with Her View From Home.


The mum wrote, “Some days, you’re gonna drop the ball. You’re gonna forget the money for the pizza party, you’re gonna be late for the 6-month well-check. “


Amy reassured mums by reminding them that there is nothing wrong with making mistakes. “You’re gonna run out of whole milk, you’re gonna say a bad word when that Suburban cuts you off getting onto the highway.”


She added, “And your 4-year-old will repeat it later that week. In front of everyone you know.”


Amy knows that every day can be perfect and it’s something we all need to accept.



There will be days when you argue with your loved ones or you won’t look your best, “Some days, you’re gonna snap at your husband. Some days, you’re gonna forget to text your best friend back.”


We all go through bad moments, we all mess up, we’ve all had days when we forget to brush our hair or when we wear odd shoes.


“You’re gonna forget to put the clothes in the dryer for the third time and everything you own is going to smell like mildew. Some days, you’re gonna burn the pancakes,” she explained.


It’s important not to dwell on your flaws. Don’t let them consume you. “It’s all gonna be ok. Everything is gonna be alright. Everyone is still gonna be alive,” said the mum.


Don’t waste your time fretting about little things like the messy kitchen. Focus on what really matters in life.




Amy wrote, “Take care of your family. Love your friends. Laugh with your kids. Kiss your husband. Be kind to strangers.”


As mums, we put ourselves under extreme pressure, but we need to stop.


“Stop expecting so much out of yourself. Give yourself the same grace you give to everyone else,” she shared.


The main message of Amy’s post is something we need to tell ourselves every day. “See the same beauty in your reflection you see in everyone else. Perfection is not required.”


It’s time to give yourself a break. We can be our own worst enemies at times. “Toss those burned pancakes in the trash, have a good laugh and try again. You’ve got this,” Amy concluded.