While a few of us have no problem losing weight, many of us struggle to shift even just a few stubborn pounds.


When it comes to losing weight, while what you eat and how much exercise you do plays a significant role in your how much you lose, things like stress can actually hold you back.


Here are eight ways stress can affect your weight loss programme:


1. It makes you feel hungry and crave sugar.


2. You are also more likely to crave sweets, and fatty, salty and processed foods.


3. The stress hormone Cortisol stops insulin production which removes sugar from the bloodstream. This in turn means your blood sugar levels remain inflated.


4. Cortisol releases even more sugar into the body.


5. It causes your body to store fat a lot quicker.


6. Excessive stress can affect where this fat is stored – usually around the stomach area.


7. In turn, it is harder for your body to shift the extra fat stored.


8. Your body is not able to digest food properly.


While not avoidable, there are a few ways you can manage your stress levels.