A high school in Oregon, America, has decided to take action against students who retweeted a piece of gossip about one of their teachers.
20 students were reportedly suspended from McKay High School last month, as a result of retweeting the rumour.
The students retweeted a post from an anonymous Twitter account, called Salem Confessions.
The tweet accused one of the female teachers of flirting with her students and even mentioned the name of the teacher’s son.
School administrators said retweeting the rumour was a form of cyberbullying and that the students’ behaviour violated the district's student handbook.
Despite this, parents of the suspended children believe that their punishment is an overreaction. One parent said, that while she thinks her daughter should have been disciplined for retweeting the rumour, she believes the suspension goes too far.
However, the high school’s principal is refusing to back down saying, “…that this behaviour would not be tolerated”.
He also said, the student’s suspension was essential for ensuring a safe learning environment at McKay High School.