While the rest of the country chills in front of the box over the festive season, it's important we spare a thought for our teens who are preparing to sit exams in the summer.

Studying can be difficult at the best of times, but when the rest of your family have hours of free-time on their hands, it can be incredibly hard to leave the festivities and hit the books.

However, if your children put in a little effort over the festive season, they will really reap the rewards when they return to school in January.

Here are five top tips to ensure your children don't neglect their revision plans over Christmas.

1. Identify short-term goals

By identifying short-term goals, your child's workload will instantly appear more manageable as they have an end target in sight.

It's easier to tackle one chapter a day than tell yourself you have to complete an entire section of the book before the end of the week.

Top tip: Make a study plan and ensure they stick to it!

2. Be realistic

If your child is struggling with a particular topic, then it's unlikely they will master it by themselves over the Christmas holidays.

In cases like this, suggest your child compile a list of questions they can raise with their teacher upon their return to school.


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3. Designate times

Like the short-term goal tip, it's important your child knows they are just as welcome as the rest of the family to enjoy the festive period, so don't suggest they spend all day every day at their desk!

Why not request they designate two to three hours every morning tackling certain subjects as they will be more alert at this time of the day and can work eagerly towards their free-time after lunch.

Top tip: Allow your child to suggest different time blocks on certain days if you truly believe they will not use their time effectively during their standard study-time.

4. Establish a reward scheme

Getting the head down while friends and family are lolling around the house or going on trips is one of the most difficult things to endure as a student, so it's vital they feel their efforts will be rewarded.

Whether it's simply a trip to the cinema, an hour or two as master of the TV remote or a lie-in at the weekend, your child will work more productively if they know they aren't being forgotten about as they toil away in their room.

Top tip: Implement the same process during the Easter break if you feel it has proven a success over Christmas.

5. Remind family members to be considerate

Christmas can be an incredibly busy time in any household, so it's important family members take your child's exams into consideration.

Insist on less noise and disruption at certain points in the day, so your child can work to the best of their ability without feeling like they're completely missing out.

Top tip: Don't forget to practice what you preach!