SuperValu has just announced the launch of its French & German Wine Sale in now.

The Irish are most definitely getting more adventurous in terms of broadening their repertoire of wines! That’s why SuperValu has decided to feed this appetite for new tastes with a combined French and German Wine Sale.

The sale’s French offering (our best offering yet, if we do say so!) integrates some real gems, especially when it comes to value for SuperValu customers. Resident wine expert, Kevin O’Callaghan, notes some of this year’s key trends, “Rosé continues to shine year on year with a whopping 44% growth in the last 27 weeks of this year alone! We found that sparkling too is in growth with the likes of Crémant…But let us not forget the other customer choice favourites – be that Bordeaux to Burgundy - Vouvray to Cahor.”

And while the Irish consumer is au-fait with French Wine, selling German Wines in Ireland is newer territory. Kevin adds, “It is not as simple as ‘build it and they will come’ I’m afraid…But I cannot resist the opportunity to draw and excite the customer on the sheer delight available!” With a wide selection of German wines available from exciting and innovative makers such as Albert Glas, the German aspect of the sale is sure to excite those consumers looking for something new.

Speaking about the sale, Kevin O’Callaghan said, “I am delighted to reveal the line-up for this year’s French & German Wine Sale, and especially to introduce 20 incredible guest wines – all exclusively handpicked from some of the most reputable wineries across France and Germany. These wines will make another great addition to our existing range of over 180 French Wines. This sale includes wines for all tastes and budgets as we continue to encourage our customers to enjoy discovering new and exciting wines.”

In selecting the wines for the French & German Wine Sale, SuperValu will introduce its special guest wines for a limited run. These wines will offer amazing value across all price points with customers able to explore the different French regions at some great prices.

Some of the special guest wines that will be available in SuperValu for a limited time during the sale include:

Street Art Viognier

A pale-yellow wine with a green tint. This wine oozes with flavours of white peach, lemon and verbena. It is best served chilled with spring rolls or Thai chicken dishes. RRP € 13.99 Now €8.00

Medusa Viognier

An elegant and captivating wine with a nice transparent colour. This wine has a delicious white peach and apricot aromas underlined by hints of white flowers. It is a perfect wine to have before a meal or with salads, fish or white meat.RRP €15.99 Now €10.00

Street Art Gamay

A spontaneous wine blending vintage and origins. The wine has a graceful color with purple tints and aromas of pepper and gooseberry, its taste brings out the fun in you. This wine is best served chilled with chicken or pizza. RRP €13.99 Now €8.00

Street Art Syrah

As the name suggests, this wine has a provocative taste aiming to make everyone's daily life beautiful after the first taste. Intensely purple in colour, with a nose of blackcurrant, raspberry, supple, spicy and sweet plate, it is best served chilled with a hot dog or burger. RRP €13.99 Now €8.30

Max Lion Grenache Noir

Inspired by the ancient legend of Percey and Meduse. The flavour of the grapes comes with a delicious aroma of red fruits, notes of cherry and light spices. The wine is hard to resist and is best served with appetisers and any meat of your choice. RRP €15.99 Now €10.00

I Am The Boss Cahors Malbec

A silky, fruity and creamy red wine with a beautiful intense black color. This wine has a rich blackberry and blueberry aroma and makes a perfect combination with grilled meats and cheese platters. RRP €22.99 Now €15.00

Le Botaniste Reserve Grenache Syrah

Made traditionally in stainless and concrete vats. This wine has juicy fruit with a hint of spices and minerality and is pleasant to drink with red meat, beef rib, rib eye and duck breast. It can be laid down for 7 years or more. RRP €15.99 Now €10.00

Blue Tie by Pfaff Alsace

Lemon yellow in colour, this wine has a rich and fresh fruity flavor of Muscat grapes with hints of lychee and clove. The fresh aromas of this wine explode at first taste leaving you wanting more. The wine goes well with Asian cuisine, cocktails snacks and smoked fish. RRP €16.99 Now €10.00

Albert Glas Weissburgunder

A wine rich with the flavour of gently pressed, pre clarified and cooled fermented grapes. It has very fine exotic notes of mango, grapefruit and some peach. This wine complements flavours of white meat, poultry dishes and goes excellently with pasta or pizza. RRP €14.99 Now €10.00

Albert Glas Sauvignon Blanc Black Label

An ideal wine for sharing with friends. The Sauvignon has a revelation of citrus, passion fruit and herbs aroma. The wine has a nice drinking flow and is best served with light dishes and vegetables. It is best enjoyed on a wonderful summer evening. RRP € 19.99 Now €12.00

Albert Glas Riesling Black Label

A perfect wine mulled with citrus fruits and hints of mango and pine yard peach playing on the nose with fine herbs. The Riesling is very juicy, making a perfect combination with roast meat and beef, Asian cuisine or oysters. Was €19.99 Now €10.00

Albert Glas Grauburgunder Tradition

With slightly exotic aromas of pineapple, pear and a very strong and nutty melt accompanied by a spicy aroma on the palate. The Grauburgunder is a perfect wine to have with pasta, pizza, poultry, and white meat, highly recommended as a pairing with cheese. RRP €14.99 Now €10.00

Albert Glas Gewurztraminer Spatlese

An exceptionally fruity and sweet wine dominated with the aromas of lychee and roses. The wine makes a sweet cap to a hearty meal and makes a perfect combination with desserts, light pastries and various cheeses. RRP RRP €15.99 Now 10.00

Albert Glas Chardonnay Black Label

A wine which gives you a special experience of enjoying pear and quince with hints of exotic fruit. This bottle perfectly complements lightly roasted meat, fish or cheese. RRP €19.99 Now €12.00

Albert Glas Pinot Noir Label

Made with dark berries, fine spice and some mint laced with a delicate scent of Palatinate oak rounded off with ethereal herbs. This wine has a very berry and slightly fresh texture which has a fine, elegant, and fruity flavour best served with pasta, pizza, cheese and grilled food. It also makes a perfect companion to various poultry, white meat and beef dishes. Was €14.99 Now €10.00

Albert Glas #NeverCompromise Black

A perfect wine to have in summer, it has a slightly exotic aroma of grapefruit and lemon fused with some lychee on the nose and a dancing lightness, a fine sweetness and discrete acidity on the palate. It is best served with Asian dishes and perfectly complements light pasta. RRP €16.99 Now €10.00

The French & German Wine Sale will be available in all SuperValu stores nationwide and online at from Thursday 1st until Wednesday 21st September 2022.