Survey reveals a new sense of confidence in Irish women.

A survey of Irish women by Aveeno to celebrate the recent launch of the brand’s new Calm + Restore face care range has revealed that sensitivity is the number one skincare concern facing Irish women, ahead of dull skin or even skin aging. With 90% of respondents citing their skin as prone to sensitivity overall, over half of respondents (51%) identified this as being more of an issue in the last two years. The survey by Aveeno Calm + Restore was carried out to glean further insights into the skincare rituals and morning mindset of Irish women in how they face the day at a time when the chaos of the last two years feels like its finally starting to subside.

While there has been such a huge focus on continuous health monitoring over this time, it may have had a lasting positive impact in how we face into the future. Over three quarters (76%) of Irish women agreed that due to this they are now more mindful of wellness and life balance, and more in tune with their body and how they are feeling from day to day. With a renewed sense of calm and confidence in re-emerging, respondents also revealed that when it comes to skincare, while they might not be able to control everything all of the time, they can usually predict the outcomes. A total of 70% of those surveyed often know what way their skin will behave not only day by day, but week to week, and through the seasons.

Knowing your skin and how it behaves is important so you can respond it needs best, what many people refer to as a ‘skincare journey’. Not everyone is going to have the same concerns and its important to know our skin and what is normal or abnormal so we can respond to its needs and ensure it is at its best. Speaking about the new facecare range, Aveeno Skincare and education expert Rebecca Bennett says: “In unity with the much-loved Body ranges, the Aveeno Face products offer a calming and restorative solution suitable for sensitive skin, all whilst harnessing the goodness of nature alongside the power of science to keep skin looking, and feeling, healthy and balanced. Each product in the range is formulated with specially selected ingredients, meaning our dedicated brand loyalists will be able to treat their face with the same love and care as they treat their body; ensuring that skin is radiating wellness from the inside out.”

Sensitive skin is caused by nerve endings in the top layer of the skin becoming irritated. It is often the result of damage to the skin’s protective barrier – allowing irritants and allergens to penetrate the skin and cause inflammation. While some people are genetically predisposed to sensitive skin, many others are sensitised by their environment and lifestyle, factors which can often be outside of our control.

The new Aveeno Calm + Restore range contains four hero products to be used as part of a daily skin regime including a nourishing Cleanser, soothing Toning Lotion, Triple Oat Serum and Oat Gel Moisturiser – all formulated with prebiotic oat, known for helping soothe and repair your skin, by restoring the skin’s moisture barrier. Calming feverfew in the range, known for its antioxidant properties, also helps calm the skin. Having used the full range in a trial over 14 days, over three quarters (76%) of those surveyed agreed their skin was calm, hydrated and more comfortable, with a huge 91% saying they would recommend the range to a friend.

Dermatologist tested, the new Aveeno Calm + Restore face care range is clinically proven to nourish skin and is available in pharmacies nationwide:

Nourishing Oat Cleanser 200ml €9.99

Gentle cleanser with prebiotic oat and calming feverfew to cleanse the skin of impurities leaving skin feeling soothed & nourished.

Oat Toning Lotion 200ml €9.99

Gentle toning lotion with prebiotic oat and calming feverfew for a final cleansing step to remove residues such as make up leaving the skin ultra-refreshed.

Triple Oat Serum 30ml RRP €15.99

Triple oat complex (Colloidal oat, oat oil and oat extract) with calming Feverfew which is known to have antioxidant properties. Instantly smoothes & fortifies the skin’s moisture barrier.

Oat Gel Moisturiser 50ml RRP €12.99

Light-weight gel moisturiser giving 24-hour moisturisation with prebiotic Oat known to help soothe & repair skin.

All Aveeno Face products have been dermatologist tested and are hypoallergenic, fragrance free and suitable for normal to dry skin. Find out more at