Sustainability made simple: 5 easy ways to make your lifestyle eco-friendly

These days, we’re all too aware of the impact that our actions are having on the environment.

The rate of climate change is progressively getting worse, and sometimes, it feels like there is nothing we can do to help slow it down.

Naturally, there are issues within global warming that the average person cannot solve, but there are still a few things you can change in your everyday life to be a bit kinder to our environment.

Below, we have set out five simple alternatives that you can implement into your daily routine. All of these steps are extremely eco-friendly, and while they may not change the course of climate change overnight, they are still a small step towards making the world a better place for the future.

So, what are you waiting for? Have a scroll through these handy alternatives below:

1. Metal straws

Now that summertime has arrived, we’re making the most of having delicious cocktails, scrumptious iced coffees and as many milkshakes as we can handle. However, the choice of straw can often be a struggle - plastic ones are obviously harmful for our planet, but oftentimes, the paper alternatives don’t work properly. So, we would strongly recommend purchasing a packet of metal straws! These gems will last for years, they are good for the environment, and they will save you any future struggles with a paper straw. Genius!

2. Tote bags

Plastic bags are certainly a thing of the past, especially since the carrier bag levy was introduced a few years ago. Of course, you can still reuse leftover plastic bags that are lingering around your house, but it’s always better to replace them. So, enter the trusty tote bag! These have grown in popularity recently, and we can totally see why. They are big enough to carry everything you need for a shopping trip, you can get one in almost any design imaginable, and best of all, they are not made of plastic!

3. Food intake

Food is one of the biggest causes of global warming. Whether it be its packaging, its production or its waste, we are all responsible for how it is affecting our planet. Still, there are a few things that you can do to help to improve the situation. If you don’t want to go vegetarian or vegan immediately, you can gently ease yourself into the lifestyle by having meat-free meals a few times a week. Also, every time you do a food shop, plan ahead and draft up a rough schedule of when you intend to use each fresh produce item. Every little bit helps!

4. Plant trees

If you are passionate about the environment and want to do your bit, then planting trees is a lovely way to do it! Whether it be in your own back garden, helping loved ones to plant their own, or encouraging your employer to introduce more plants and trees outside, the planet will thank you for it. 

5. Fashion habits

Lastly, have you ever considered how the contents of your wardrobe could be harming the planet? Fast fashion has become intense over the past decade, and while we all love treating ourselves to a new outfit, it might not necessarily be the best thing for climate change. So, cut back on your purchases and don’t be afraid to rewear clothing for different occasions. Also, when you do need to shop for something new, have a look through charity shops, and try to steer away from synthetic fabrics such as polyester. Trust us, knowing that your outfit is eco-friendly will only make you love it even more!