Deciding to significantly reduce your sugar intake is a big step, but actually sticking to the plan is bigger.

Confronted with headlines which suggest that sugar, not fat, has been the enemy all along has many of us questioning the sheer amount of sugar we consume on a daily basis.

If you've got a sweet tooth or are in the habit of rewarding yourself with a sugary treat at certain points throughout the day, it can be very difficult to break the cycle.

Going cold turkey may work for some people, but if you're horrified at the prospect then it's better to reduce your intake gradually, thereby slowly removing the cravings you suffer from.

Here are five ways to reduce your daily sugar consumption.

1. Alternate your daily drinks

Replace your standard soft drink or fruit juice with bottled water and watch as your tummy slowly trims down.

By filling up on water, you'll reduce bloating, satiate cravings and cut down on sugar with very little effort.

Pro-tip: Never leave the house without a handy bottle of water!

2. Switch up your fruit

While we advocate the consumption of fruit over a chocolate bar, it's important to remember that some fruits are more sugary than others.

If you're serious about reducing your intake, it's important to apply it wherever possible meaning it's time to swap melon for green apples, bananas for berries and mangos for oranges.

Pro-tip: Peanut butter and apple is a fantastic way to satisfy your sweet tooth while stocking up on protein!

3. Increase protein

Often times we reach for a sugary food because we're low in protein.

Remedy this by starting your day with an egg-based breakfast and snack consistently on nuts throughout the day. 

You'll be surprised how unappealing your standard chocolate will be when your tummy is fully of healthy food.

Pro-tip: If you can't be without your daily treat, why not splurge on a protein bar?!

4. Read labels

It's so important to educate yourself when it comes to this particular sugar-free mission.

Food is chock-full of sugar so be aware of the various ways it can sneak into your standard shopping list.

Don't forget that sweeteners have numerous different names and pop up in many of the foods you eat on a daily basis!

Pro-tip: Most words ending in 'ose' are not to be ignored!

5. Assess your diet

If you find yourself reaching for a sugary pick-me-up at certain points of the day, you may not be eating the right foods at meal times.

The purpose of a meal is to fill you until the next one, and while snacking on healthy food is certainly recommended, you shouldn't leave the table desperate for a sugary treat moments after your lunch or dinner.

Eat as much as you want at meal times as long as it's healthy, features a protein-based food, and complements the hours throughout the day that you're active.

Pro-tip: If your rummage through the biscuit tin coincides with certain television shows, it may be advisable to hit the streets for a brisk walk at air-time while you get on top of things.