Before he passed away in 2015, Nick Konkler came up with a genius idea that would make cancer patients’ lives easier.


The young boy was diagnosed with cancer at the tender age of four, but he didn’t let the disease stop him from helping other children who were suffering.


Nick understood how difficult being hooked up to an IV drip stand was, so he put his creative skills to good use in technology class and came up with the Lily Pad idea.


When Nick was 17-years-old he figured out that adding a seat in the shape of a lily pad would make it easier for children to travel around. They could sit down on the lily pad which was placed at the bottom of the stand.


Nick knew the seat would help cancer patients because walking around with the IV drip stand can be extremely exhausting.


Sadly, Nick never got to see his creation come to life. However, there are tonnes of hospitals using the lily pads.



Nick’s selfless creation has helped cancer patients move more comfortably around hospitals.


His mum bravely spoke about her late son on Today, she shared the inspiration behind Nick’s idea. The mum explained that her son came up with the idea when he noticed a young girl at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital struggling with her IV stand.


Christina explained how hard it is for children who are hooked up to IV, "You are connected to this pole 24/7, so if you have to get up to do anything, the pole goes with you.”


The young boy dreamed of building a lily pad for every kid in the Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital, but Nick lost his battle with cancer before he could complete the project.


Nick passed away after a difficult battle with a childhood brain tumour and leukaemia in February 2015.



His parents spoke fondly of their late son. They are thrilled that the project has helped so many youngsters. His dad told Today, “It just, it makes me so proud of Nick and who he was.”


His mum shared, “He would have wanted to see all the kids, you know, out of bed walking or riding the lily pad.”


A family friend described the teenager as kind-hearted and generous. They shared that he always had a smile on his face, no matter what he was going through.


Helping other people was extremely important to Nick. We’re sure he would be thrilled to know his idea helped so many children.