In today’s society, with so much awareness about the dangers and side effects of substance abuse, it can be hard for parents to comprehend how their child could be at risk. Yet an alarming amount of teens are still trying a number of substances including cigarettes, alcohol, prescription and illegal drugs.
So, what is the lure of substance abuse for teens and why do they try them despite all the warnings. There are many reasons including:
  • Peer pressure, they may want to fit in with a certain group or are afraid they will be judged or ridiculed if they say no.
  • They like the way substances make them feel, many teens abuse substances to escape from the pressures of their daily lives
  • Many teens also try substances as a way to gain control and feel more independent and grown up
Teens are still learning how to take care of themselves and how to act in a responsible way and therefore enjoy taking risks that most adults would never dream of which is why they are so susceptible to substance abuse and addiction. Teens that have family members who struggle with alcohol or drug addiction are more likely to have issues with serious substance abuse problems. Also, teens who feel they don’t have a good relationship with their parents are also at risk. Teens with low self-esteem or mental-health problem such as depression are also at an increased risk.