The giant world of bottle sterilisers

So ... which bottle steriliser is best for you? There are many different sterilisers on the market, we're looking at four of the main types so you can figure out which is best for you.

Electric Steam Sterilisers

These ones are extremely common, they are entirely separate machines that you put bottles into to sterilise with hot steam.

Because they’re quick and user-friendly, many first-time mums love them. They also tend to have additional functions like drying to make your life easier. 

You’ll also need an available plug and space on a table or counter to use it, so make sure you clear a spot for it.

Though they may be more expensive than other sterilizers up-front, they tend to save you a lot of time and money in the long run. They’re very self-sustainable and don’t require much effort, like a dishwasher but for baby bottles!

Microwave Sterilisers

You may want to consider microwave sterilizers if you don’t have much counter space for a full electric steam steriliser. These devices use steam in the microwave to sterilise baby bottles and accessories.

Simply fill the steriliser with sterilised water and pop it into the microwave for the required time in the instructions. Then, let the bottles cool before handling them.

These sterilisers are quick and easy to use and can accommodate different bottle sizes. There are microwavable sterilising bags for mums on-the-go which is super handy, or you can get a simple plastic one to use at home regularly. It's also really easy to store it away when not in use, and of course, there's no additional plug necessary.

UV Sterilisers

These are relatively new to the market - they use UV light to kill bacteria and viruses. They work quickly without chemicals or heat. They also tend to be more compact, so they’re easier to take with you on the go. Plus, you don’t need any water, so your baby’s bottles stay dry the entire time. This is a simple solution for sterilising bottles, so you won’t have to deal with water or tablets.

Cold Water Sterilisers

Cold water bottle sterilisers use a sterilising solution or tablet dissolved in cold water to kill bacteria on the bottle. They’re great for traveling moms, as you only need water to make it work. Simply pack the solution or tablet in your baby bag and take it out with the steriliser container once needed.

Though the sterilisation process takes longer than with other methods, cold water sterilisers are cost-effective and reliable for parents on a budget.


There are lots of products out there to sterilise your baby’s bottles. Ultimately, you should pick the product that fits your budget and your needs.