A lot of things change when your child starts to become a teenager, not only do they start to develop their own sense of style but they also start to experience many things for the first time. Here are some of the great milestones that many teenagers go through:
Physical Development
Puberty varies for each teen but it’s a milestone that all children will have to go through. You will notice a change in their figure, that they've gotten taller and most notably for guys, that their voice has gotten deeper. While it’s probably something that most teenagers don’t like to celebrate, puberty is a milestone in itself.
A difficult milestone for most parents to deal with, as it’s the first sign that their child is really growing up. While independence can be a good thing for many teenagers, it can also be used in a bad way by teens who try to rebel from their parents. But independence also enables your teen to experience more milestones for themselves including learning how to drive for the first time, first job and even helping around the house.
Romantic Relationships
Your teen can go from hating the opposite sex to obsessing about them. They may even start to have a romantic relationship of their own or in the very least develop a crush. While we would rather they stay why from romances altogether, it’s better to prepare them for the inevitable, rather than hoping that crush won’t develop into something more.
Your child had many dreams and ideas of what they wanted to be when they grew up, but as a teenager their career goals have suddenly become a more of a reality. Your teen may already be thinking about what they want to do when they’re finished school or even what college they want to attend.  
This may take a little while but your teen does develop their own sense of maturity as they gradually get older. Whether it’s taking a different approach to their studies, their relationship with you or not allowing things to upset them as much as they used to, maturity is an important milestone for your teen. Once you’ve realised your teen has reached their own level of maturity, this is probably the greatest teenage milestone on the list.