The low down on sleeping on a silk pillow

A well-rested night is known as the cure for many of life’s ailments, from regenerating the body, to clearing away the stress of a day gone by, a good night’s sleep is a precious activity to many, but did you know there is more you can do to aid the regeneration we experience during a night of peaceful zzz’s? Enter the newly launched 100% Mulberry Sleep Set by Skin Deep by Corinna Tolan, one of Ireland’s most sought-after skincare guru’s and aficionados, now passing on her innate knowledge into our sleep routine.

Silk has been well-known to hold many unique benefits. As a breathable fabric with a natural temperature regulator, silk is known to keep the body cool in warm weather and retain heat on chillier days. As a material, it is hypoallergenic and does not conduct static electricity, making it ideal to ward off hair breakage in our sleep. Silks natural temperature regulator is also beneficial for women going through perimenopause or menopause night sweats. The natural, breathable nature of silk keeps the body cool and comfortable during these dreaded nights.

When it comes to our skin, however, the benefits are endless. Unlike traditional duvet fabrics such as Cotton and Linen, Silk doesn’t draw moisture away from the skin but encourages a moisture balance. Its soft, buttery texture is ideal for those who suffer from sensitive skin conditions, such as eczema and allows the skin to move freely, without any unnecessary pulling and tugging you’d experience from traditional sleeping fabrics.

Skin Deep by Corinna Tolan has created the answer to all our sleeping prayers with the launch of the unique 100% Mulberry Silk Sleep Set. This buttery Silk pillowcase and eye mask duo is the must-have beauty accessory for your skin this season. Not only do they reduce wrinkles and dehydration, but they are also beneficial for our hair, providing less breakage, frizz & known to extend the length of our blow dry.

The 100% Mulberry Silk Sleep Set From Skin Deep By Corinna Tolan, RRP €55, is available to buy from