Music is not only a great dance motivator, it also has a pretty positive effect on your mind. It helps to stir up memories both happy and sad and reminds us of places we have been and people we have met. 


Here are five ways listening to music benefits us: 


1. It can lift you

Scientists at the University of Missouri found that listening to upbeat music can help improve your mood. And of course the better your mood the happier you will feel which will have a ripple effect on the rest of your life.


2. It can be soothing when you are sad

People who are feeling sad can find listening to sad music and songs helpful with their mood, as they can identify with the lyrics.  


3. Helps restore the body

Music therapy is widely used to help restore energy, heal the body and improve your mood. Certain songs can help to slow your heart rate, help with your breathing and calm the brain. 


4. It can reduce stress

Not only does the beat reduce your heart rate and slow your breathing down, it also helps to relax your muscles all of which will greatly reduce stress in your life.


5. It can motivate you

How many times have you listened to a certain song and felt motivated to do something? This is because it engages with the body’s sympathetic nervous system and readies the body for action.