When thinking about getting a family pet, it is important you consider the full cost of having one in your home. Getting an animal is an expensive undertaking, and, whether it’s a big or small one, there are a number of costs to think about.


If you are leaning towards a family cat, here are a number of things, apart from daily essentials like food, that you need to consider:


1. Vaccinations  

Your cat will need a number of vaccinations from the age nine weeks on, with the primary vaccinations setting your back about €90. You may need to get them a boosting or a yearly jab as well which can cost around €40.


2. Neutering 

Your cat will need to be neutered or spayed when you first get them starting at a cost of around €90.



3. Flea and worm treatments

Apart from essential vaccinations, they also need flea and worm treatments, usually yearly, throughout their life.


4. Health insurance

It is recommended that all owners take out pet insurance to help vet costs if they are in an accident or if they get sick.


5. Micro-chipping

A once off payment, micro-chipping will ensure your pet will be found if they ever go missing – usually setting you back around €40.