The stages of leaving the hospital with your newborn

Nobody wants to spend more time than necessary in the hospital after they have given birth.


And while you want to leave as soon you’ve popped your little one out, when the time finally comes to head out the door, you are sure to go through the following eight stages:


1. Excitement

The moment you have been waiting for has come! You no longer have to use the hospital shower or listen to everyone else’s baby cry – you are actually being told you can leave!



2. Fear

Actually, you've changed your mind. Leaving the hospital means leaving all those incredibly helpful nurses behind, not to mention the person who brings you food. Who will bring you food now? Who?! 



3. Denial

They can’t really be letting you bring home this teeny, tiny, little baby, can they? Surely they are going to give you some kind of pamphlet - don’t they know you’ve never done this before?!



4. Optimism  

You've got this; you’re going to be totally fine. It can’t be that hard, can it?  



5. Car seat fear

Back to the fear! What if it’s not in properly, what if your little one doesn’t fit – you can’t leave if doesn’t work!!



6. Watching the hospital get smaller behind you

Pulling out of the car park you can't help but look longingly back at the safe haven that is the hospital. They really have allowed you to leave... Oh dear!



7. Blind panic

Baby has just started to cry and you have absolutely no idea why. You’re in a state of blind panic when you realise that this is your life from now on!



8. The final realisation

Baby is still asleep by the time you get home from hospital. You’ve just made yourself a cup of tea and wrapped a blanket around you when your little one decides to wake up. Here we go!


Just remember, you've got this! You'll be fine, promise.



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