Everyone has their own parenting ideals and opinions on what you should, or shouldn’t be doing with your new baby. That’s fine – but what isn’t fine is having other people tell you what they think you should be doing, when you didn’t even ask in the first place.
Here are the top five ways to really get under another mum’s skin.
“You should sleep when the baby sleeps”
Being told when you should and shouldn’t be sleeping is not only annoying, but pointless. Obviously you’re not choosing to have sleepless nights, and the concept of "sleep training" is not as easy as it sounds.
Forcing your opinions about baby vaccinations
Nothing is more precious to you than your baby’s health – obviously you’re not going to do something you haven’t researched properly, and having someone tell you that you’re putting your child in danger is possibly the most offensive thing of all.
Commenting on her co-sleeping arrangements
It’s nobody’s business whether your baby sleeps in a cot or in the bed with you – there are pros and cons for both scenarios – and having someone tell you you’re doing it wrong is very annoying indeed.
Tell her she should be breastfeeding/using formula
Again, this is an "each to their own" kind of situation. Unsolicited opinions are not welcome!
Comment on her partner’s parenting skills
Even if your friend is venting her frustrations about the time he refused to change a nappy, it’s a risky business to join in. Your safest bet is to nod and listen.