Most teens will encounter some form of acne in their young years - it’s completely normal, but doesn’t make it any less annoying. While you will have to face many skin breakouts with your teen, you can reassure them with some of these home truths when it comes to teen acne.
What causes acne?
Despite perceptions teen acne is not usually caused by a dirty face or greasy foods. More people are unfortunately prone to acne, especially teenagers. It can be frustrating for teens especially attending school with severe acne. Recommend that your teen has a regular routine when it comes to cleansing and toning even though it may require effort it’s worth it in the long run.
Overnight products
While some well-known products claim to solve all your teen's skin woes in matter of hours, this is simply not the case. Your teen needs to be aware that acne will not disappear overnight like some adverts imply, but will only gradual go down with a persistent skin routine by constantly using these products. It will take at least a few weeks before your teen will really start to notice a change in their skin. Just encourage your teen to keep it up with their skin routine and they will eventually see an improvement (just not as quickly as some products claim).
Sometimes your teen's GP can be the only solution to some pretty severe acne breakouts. Their doctor will have plenty of prescription options that will your teen get their acne under control. If needed your doctor can recommend your teen to a local dermatologist who can help with other treatments. Prescription treatments tend to work faster than over the counter ones.
Body acne can be treated too
While majority of adverts and products seem to only focus on the face, body acne can be as equally as annoying for your teen. Spots can appear on your teen's chest, shoulders and neck. Your teen might be surprised to know that many of the acne products designed for your teen's face can also be used on their body as well. But make sure to check with your doctor first before applying any prescription treatments on their body.
Acne can affect more than your teen’s appearance
Acne can take a toll on your teen’s self-esteem as well as their appearance. Your teen can feel mad, depressed and insecure. These are normal feelings. While your teen has every right to feel that way about their spot breakouts, it’s always a good idea to talk to them about their feelings. Remind them that every teen is going through the same things as they are. Explain to them that acne won't last forever, they can get through it, and they will feel good about their skin and themselves again.