These are the 5 Friends storylines that will always leave us heartbroken

Friends is one of those shows that we always revert back to, regardless of what mood we’re in. As it is an American sitcom, there are many times that we gravitate towards it for a bit of joy and laughter from our stressful days. 

After all, with the amount of times that we have rewatched this show, joining the gang in Central Perk once again just feels like returning home.

However, we can’t deny that there are some Friends moments that completely shatter our hearts, even if we have seen them a million times. These episodes are so emotionally devastating that they leave us in tears.

If you have been feeling a bit overwhelmed recently and you feel like letting out a hearty cry, then why not let the Friends gang bring those tears to the surface? 

Below, we have cultivated a list of the five saddest moments in Friends, in our opinion. Whether it be an entire episode or just one scene, these storylines will always hit us like a punch to the gut:

The One with the Morning After

Credit: Warner Bros.

Even if you’re not a fan of the Ross and Rachel pairing, you have to admit that their first breakup episode is one of the most devastating moments of Friends. Rachel’s reaction to Ross’ one-night stand is heartbreaking, and the episode doesn’t let up the entire time as the two battle out their feelings. Even the brief light relief from the other members of the gang (who are trapped in Monica’s bedroom) does little to ease the heartache. By the time the credits roll, you feel just as emotionally exhausted as the characters do. 

The One with the Fertility Test

Credit: Warner Bros.

Throughout Friends’ ten seasons, it is well documented that Monica’s biggest wish in life is to be a mother. After a visit to the fertility clinic in season 9, Chandler receives a heartbreaking phone call that tells him that both he and Monica have problems with their fertility, and that it is unlikely that they will ever conceive. While his reaction to the phone call is devastating, Monica’s processing of the news is the one that hits hardest - especially knowing that actress Courteney Cox was also going through her own fertility worries at the time. The final scene of this episode is one that always brings tears to our eyes.

The One with All the Cheesecakes

Credit: Warner Bros.

While the main plot of this episode is a brilliantly hilarious one (the Rachel and Chandler partnership truly gets its time to shine), Phoebe’s storyline in this season 7 episode is really upsetting. After being separated for six years, her former boyfriend David comes back to New York for one night only. However, Phoebe and Joey get into an argument when she admits that she wants to cancel their plans to spend the night with David. Joey eventually forgives her in the end when he realises the significance of Phoebe’s lost love, and the episode ends with her sobbing in his arms as David has to return to Russia. It breaks our hearts every time!

The One where Chandler Crosses the Line

Credit: Warner Bros.

Joey and Chandler’s friendship is one of the key parts of Friends’ DNA, which only makes it ten times harder to watch when the best buds are fighting with one another. Of course, Joey has a right to be upset in this instance - kissing your best friend’s partner behind their back is never okay - but the pain still hurts! Thankfully, their angst doesn’t last too long, and viewers only have to wait until the end of the following episode to see Joey and Chandler reunite as buddies.

The One with Rachel’s Going Away Party

Credit: Warner Bros.

The ending to this beloved show was always going to be an emotional one, but this episode certainly packs a punch. Between Monica and Rachel’s incomprehensible blubbering to one another, the constant tears in Phoebe’s eyes, Joey’s inability to say goodbye or Chandler’s rare show of emotion, the gang all get us in our feels in this episode. Naturally though, it is Ross and Rachel’s final showdown that hits hardest, as he gets upset when she seemingly ignores the chance to say goodbye to him. We’re just glad that those two work things out in the end!