Amanda Irvine and Alex Hankins met when they were 14-years-old, and have been fairly joined at the hip ever since.


The BFFs from Indiana grew even closer when they got pregnant around the same time, but neither of the expectant mums expected that their babies would be doing things together from day one. 


Despite the fact that the friend's due dates were weeks apart, the two gorgeous babies came into the world within an hour of each other. 


Amanda went into labour first, and while she was dealing with her contractions, she got a text message from Alex saying her water had broken - how exciting for them!


When Amanda first found out that Alex was headed in, she couldn't help but be a bit annoyed because she didn't feel like she was making any progress after so many hours. "At that point it was like okay, who is actually going to have their baby first?!" Alex recalled to Inside Edition. 



After a long 30 hours in labour, Amanda officially gave birth to her little son, Liam: "The doctor delivered Liam, and then walked right next door and delivered Ivie," 


Little Ivie entered the world just 20 minutes later, and the doctor didn't have far to travel: "Yeah, like changed his gloves, put on a new robe and got my baby out," Alex said.


The ladies said that they spent their whole pregnancies planning their lives after the babies were born, and now are looking forward to hosting joint parties and super-fun play dates.


We are seriously hoping that baby Liam and baby Ivie grow up to be best friends, just like their gorgeous mums. 


Congratulations to the two mummas - what a truly exciting time for them both!