None of us deny the fact that school can be a really tough time for some children - especially if there are bullies or mean children involved.


A little girl recently went to her teacher to report that she was being bullied, because a boy had told her that her hair was ugly - not very nice. 


Anyway, the Brazilian school teacher was clearly quite affected by the story and how upset her adorable little student was. 


In a Facebook post, Ana Barabara Ferreira, from Sao Paulo, said that her student was upset as she was being ridiculed by a boy in her class who had said her hair was "ugly". 



The post, that we have translated into English, reads: 


"Yesterday my student came to tell me that I had a boy talking that her hair was ugly. She was pretty sad.... in that moment the only thing I could tell she was that she was wonderful and that he didn't care what he was talking about."


The day after, Ana came into her class donning the exact same hairstyle as her young student, as a mark of solidarity with the young girl. 


"Today I woke up and remembered what had happened, and I decided to do the same hairstyle that she usually uses," said the amazing teacher in her Facebook post.


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She continued: "When he saw me, she was running to hug me and say that I was beautiful and I said, 'Today, I am beautiful just like you!'"


Also included in this heartfelt Facebook post was a beautiful selfie of the teacher and her student, rocking an adorable matching hairstyle. 


The Facebook post has gained viral statues since it was uploaded two weeks ago, with almost 150,000 likes, and over 30,000 shares. 


What an amazing teacher!