Hearing your baby's heartbeat is a surreal experience. That little galloping rhythm is able to calm even the most anxious mothers and is often the first time the whole experience becomes 'real'. 


So far, that experience has only been carried out in a hospital, but now you just might be able to hear you baby's heartbeat in your own living room.


The Shell by Bellabeat is a new non-invasive way to hear the pitter-patter of your baby's heart, and the creators describe it as, "like resting your ear against the tummy and turning the volume up.



"Shell works by placing your phone's microphone on the belly. An advanced algorithm, the first of its kind, non-invasively captures sounds from the womb and isolates the heartbeat."


The Shell also promises to record and store the heartbeat, which you can then share and send to relatives and loved ones.


However, experts think that nobody can replace a healthcare professional from working with the mother and supporting her throughout her entire pregnancy, and the Shell should just be used for fun.



"Nothing and no one can replace a health care professional. The Shell should never be relied upon as one would a maternity care provider and their expertise," said expert midwife Jane Barry.


"My primary concern is that the device may end up creating anxiety where it need not be."



This could happen if the app is faulty, the mum can't find a heartbeat (it's hard to track down!) or even if the mother relies on the device to reassure herself that her baby is OK.


So while technology is coming on in leaps and bounds and it may be fun to create some keepsakes, remember to listen to your doctors and your own instincts when it comes to your newborn.


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