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A baby bump-kissing orangutan. Now, that's something we thought we'd never say.


But there's an orangutan, Rajang, in Colchester Zoo in Essex in the UK that is fast becoming popular among pregnant women.


The 48-year-old monkey was first filmed 'kissing' a growing bump last year, with many thinking it was a once off.



However, three more mothers have come forward to show their special moment with the orangutan on social media.


Masie Knight was the first mother to film Rajang in the summer of 2015 and her video quickly went viral around the world.


At the time, Colchester Zoo said: "Rajang has always been a curious orangutan! His inquisitive way means he loves to interact with visitors particularly those who might be expecting!"



The next interaction was filmed by Kieran Bettany and went online at the beginning of 2016. Keiran's wife, Kayley, was seven months pregnant at the time.


Rajang seemed transfixed with Kayley's bump and was filmed kissing and caressing the window in-between him and Kayley.


And now, a third couple has come in the mix with their own precious moment of Rajang.


Leanne Fuller and her wife Kerri went to see Rajang this week after hearing about his kissing abilities, and couldn't be happier at how their trip turned out.



Speaking to the Daily Mail, Leanne said: "As soon as he saw her he came over from the back of his enclosure and was pointing at her bump.


"After a while he leaned forward for a better look and very solemnly and gently gave it a little kiss. Our favourite bit is the look he gave her afterwards, just so sweet and gentle for such a huge guy!"


Aw! What a special moment.


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