Do you remember watching The Devil Wears Prada for the first time? And the RAGE you felt towards Miranda?


She is a bad ass, for sure, but we cannot help but hate her - like any good villain. 


However, a new (deleted) clip has been revealed, and it will totally change the way you see the Editor-in-Chief. 


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The scene, which ultimately ended up on the cutting room floor, takes place at the ball that Andy attends instead of her boyfriend's birthday in order to help Miranda Priestly, by whispering key names and facts in her ear.


The moment in the film was fairly significant, and portrayed Miranda as a total mega-meanie. 


However, the deleted scene would have totally changed the way in which viewers saw Miranda, as an actual human, that is. 


In the short clip, just as Andy is about to leg it from the gala, Miranda’s drunken husband makes an unexpected entrance, shouting, “When do we eat?”



“Darling, there you are. It’s been a banner evening. Three people didn’t recognise me, one called me Mr. Priestly, and now the d*mn bartender won’t even serve me.” 


Someone muzzle that man. 


Anyway, he goes on to flat out offend the chairperson of the event (yikes), but thankfully, Andy intervenes, saving the day. 


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Miranda desperately tries to distract her husband, and mouths 'thank you' to Andy, and we sort of choked up a little. 


Revealing her unfortunate, human side, Miranda Preistly was ALMOST a character we pitied. Almost. 


What ddo you reckon? Does this change things?


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