Between making school lunches, stacking dishwashers and doing school runs, we joke that there is never enough tme in the day. 


But it turns out, it is true!


A study carried out, by has found that the average mum gets just 17 minutes to herself a day.


Sounds about right, doesn't it? 


The poll found that we mostly like to spend those rare moments of peace and quiet catching up on the latest soaps, watching TV in bed, reading or enjoying a well-earned cup of tea.


Also sounds about right.


Over 2,000 mums were questioned as part of the research which also revealed that mums take on 78 per cent of the home chores. 


And the sadest part of this whole study? 


42 per cent of mums said that even in their precious 'me-time' they are planning their family's routine for the next day. 


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