Over the weekend, Carrie Bickmore’s daughter showed off her artistic abilities, using permanent black marker and household presses. 



Played tourist today. Train ride, tram ride, then wandered round botanical gardens. #melbourne #spring #famtime #sunshine

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The Project host, and mum-of-two, took to Instagram to show off the drawing her two-year-old daughter, Evie, had created.


In the picture, you can see a white surface (we're thinking a door), with black markings all over it.



“Help??? First the couch, then the floor, now the front door. I thought I had hidden all the sharpies!! Damn it (how do I remove?),” she captioned the post.


Thousands of parents came to Carrie's rescue, and the photo has been liked over 4,400 times and received close to 1,000 comments - clearly, countless other parents have been in the same boat!



Today might be the day I gobble her up 

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So many helpful parents gave the mum advice on how to remove the black markings, and some of them were really interesting.


“Dettol hand sanitiser and magic sponge. I work with kids, and this works a treat. Good luck,” wrote one follower.



I love how kids find so much joy in the simple things... #water #sand #fun #holidays

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Another woman wrote: "Take a whiteboard marker, colour over it, and then use spray and wipe to wipe it off." 


What are your tips and tricks for removing tough stains?