As parents, it is best not to take life too serious - especially when it comes to raising kids and setting rules.


One mum recently proved just how hilarious mums can (and should) be at the best of times - having left the most hilarious list of rules with her babysitter.


Twitter user @malikbrazile took the time to share a note which was given to his girlfriend, when she agreed to babysit a woman's kids.  


When he shared her pictures on Twitter, they went totally viral, achieving more than 32,000 "likes" and 16,000 retweets in a number of days. 


The list includes ten HILARIOUS rules that are clearly sarcastic, leaving the babysitter rather confused. 



The note read: 


1. I encourage the kids to watch as much TV as possible, so they will leave me the hell alone. Feel free to do the same.


2. Don't waste your valuable time cooking or providing healthy snacks. Just give them the pizza and snacks I leave.


3. They do still breastfeed on demand. Just download a video on YouTube. It's not hard or I would not do it.


4. Do not take any kittens/candy/puppies from David, or take a ride in his van.


5. If any of my neighbours come to the doors, treat them like Jehovah's Witnesses. Don't lend them any eggs/milk/cigarettes. They know where the store is. And no, you don't want to babysit for them.


6. Let the kids have as much sugar as they want, as long as they will go away. They take pills to sleep anyway.



7. If you have any boys over, just make sure they have an uncle/dad/brother/friend that I can call later.


8. Don't answer the house phone unless you feel like paying bills.


9. If you look through my drawers, please throw away any overdue bills and gum wrappers.


10. Do not believe ANYTHING the kids tell you - this one is our personal favourite. 


These are BRILLIANT!