Not that any of us need reminding, but our bodies are pretty darn amazing. 


Recently Chelsea Pryce's two-year-old son, Osiris, got sick, and so she decided to breastfeed him and her other son, three-month-old, Hendrix, from different breasts.


This was done in order to avoid Hendrix getting sick, and needless to say, it worked a charm. 


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Chelsea was astonished by the power of her milk, and shared an image on Facebook showing how it adapted for her boys.


The milk that she pumped produced two completely different-looking bags of milk on the exact same day. 


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"Osiris' pumped breast milk is on the left, Hendrix's is on the right. Each breast produced perfectly tailored milk for each kid. Our bodies are amazing," she captioned the photo. 



The photo of the two milk bags was uploaded to Facebook earlier this month, and has already been liked over 38,000 times. 


Thousands of people have commented on the image, expressing their amazement at the human body and its ability to adapt. 


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