Look, we've all been there. Whether it's in the middle of your food shop, in a restaurant, or in the playground when they don't want to leave, most kids throw tantrums.


It can be embarrassing, awkward, infuriating, and not to mention the dirty looks off strangers can be head-melting.


However, this mother has explained in a Facebook post that when her kids have thrown tantrums, she's tried everything from begging to throwing a "tanty" herself.



In the post, she references the reactions she gets if she "just sits there," and we all know people who give them. For example, if you're out for a romantic meal with your partner and the child over on the next table is throwing a hissy fit, some side eye will definitely be thrown, too.


Constance Hall wrote on her post: "I heard someone refer to a mother of a child melting down as, 'just sitting there'.


"A friend told me that she saw a mum in a cafe who's kid was throwing a royal f*ckery of a tantrum and she had the audacity to just sit there...



Constance then explained what she has experienced when trying to calm her children down.


"I have been that mum. I have bribed, I have begged, I have stroked a child during a tantrum, I have lugged that child to the car, I reminded myself that it's going to be ok and repeatedly told my child that I loved him, that she was going to see consequences if she didn't stop, I have felt like throwing a god dam tanty myself after one and I have also been that women, who sat there and did nothing."


As the post goes on, she asks others to not be so judgemental when a mother appears to be doing nothing about the behaviour of her child.



"So I asked my friend to not see her as the mum who "just sat there" while her child melts down.

"And instead see her as the mum who "is always there" while her child melts down.


"Because being there and doing nothing are two very different things."


How have you reacted when your child has thrown a tantrum? Do you agree with Constance?


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